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Sunny Spot, right on the cusp of Venice and Marina Del Rey, is one of the freshest, most adventurous and uniquely creative venues I have been to.  The level of talent behind every aspect of the restaurant, from the kitchen to the Caribbean-flavored Sean Knibb dining space with Jeremy Sole curated music throughout, is readily apparent.  Chef Roy Choi opened Sunny Spot just last November.  His newest venture has a West Indian style all its own.

Roy Choi is no stranger to foodies.  He is part classically trained chef and part rebel.   He has had a strong influence in changing the future of food.  He started the Kogi Korean Taco Trucks based on the flavors he grew up on in the streets of LA which turned into a nationwide craze.  This was followed by Chego and A-Frame, two more superb notches in his belt.

On our visit Bartender Pamela Carey and Brian Butler, the executive bartender at Sunny Spot, made us an outstanding round of drinks.  Brian designed all the drinks which pair magnificently with the food.  Brian also makes all of his syrups and infusions in house.  Our drinks included the Field & Stream (Haitian rum, orgeat, lemon, angostura), Imperial Fizz (Rye, Jamaican rum, angostura, egg white, lemon) Dry Harbour (Pot still rum, lime, absinthe, habanero pineapple shrub), Sunny Old Fashioned (Nicaraguan 12yr rum, honey, allspice, angostura), Westfall (Tequila, mezcal, lime, falernum, apricot) and Fleur-De-Lis (Gin, hibiscus, honey, chartreuse, lime).  The cocktails were so good we could almost hear those island drums and feel the cool breezes blowing!


Along with our hosts Alice Shin and Natasha Phan, Chef Choi elected to chow down with us for what turned out to be a major feast.  Chef Choi loves to share his food at a bon vivant family style table along with good conversation.  He shared with me that the inspiration for Sunny Spot came to him in a dream.  Chef Choi is a very soulful, spiritual person and that is reflected in the food he prepares.

Chef Choi had the kitchen buzzing bringing us out plate after plate which included his Yellow Salty Rice, Sweet and Salty Fried Plantains, Sesame Cole Slaw (cabbage, green papaya, fennel and chive) Papaya Guava Salad (Crushed cashews, red onion, lime, tarragon and honey), Muh-F*K*N Mofongo (Over ripe plantains, bacon, garlic and black pepper), What A Jerk Wings (Double coated and double fried), Diablo Prawns (Rum glaze, garlic butter and herbs) Slow Roasted GOAT (Greatest of all Time) with lettuce wedges and pickled mango, Rib Eye al la Brasa (Pickled dandelion greens and banana chili glaze) and We Be Yammin (Sweet Potato tart with walnut crust and roasted marshmallow ice cream).  We loved every bite but particularly the time we got to spend chatting with the delightful Chef Choi himself!

Every night’s a party at Sunny Spot.  By 7 p.m. the place was packed.  If you don’t want to wait for a table I’d suggest arriving before 7PM or after 9:30PM.  They have a second dining room in the back which is quieter if you are in the mood for some privacy and a second bar as well.  This is a great place for dates or parties.  Try it once and you will see that Sunny Spot is a Brilliant Spot and like a moth to a flame you will be drawn back into its glow again and again!





Happy Hour Details
Name of Restaurant Sunny Spot
Address 822 Washington Blvd., Venice, CA 90292
Happy Hour Hours Sun – Mon: 5 – 11pm Tue – Wed: 5 – 12am Thu – Sat: 5 – 2am
Phone Number 310-448-8884
Website Link
Price range for drinks $6-9 for beers, $9-17 for wines and champagnes, $12 for cocktails
Price range for food $4-42, though most dishes fall between $5-15
Featured Mixed Drinks Through the Looking Glass, Sunny Old Fashioned, San Juan Sling, Chilcano Bay, Westfall
Featured Foods Slow roasted G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time), What A Jerk Wings, Cuban Torta, Rib Eye a la Brasa, Papaya Guava Salad
Name of chef Roy Choi
Name of owner Dave Reiss
Name of manager Sam Moshiri
Mixologist Brian Butler

Craving Cocktails?™ Happy Hour at Sunny Spot in Venice 5Sara Altshul2012-01-12 00:22:38

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Sunny Spot, right on the cusp of Venice and Marina…


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